It burns me up!

Justice Kirby touched on the conundrum . . . it's virtually impossible for a prisoner to prove himself . . . despite the fact that he is expected to do so and to do so under pressure.

The Derek Bromley Conviction #3

'I wasn't there, I didn't do it' That's the only defense Derek Bromley offered at his 1985 trial? There's no doubt he was on the Morphett Street Bridge near the south bank of the Torrens River as he admits. But will everything else be as it seems?

I know every bump in the road!

Visits: Derek Bromley's lifeline and my social life I've taken the trip on the 'special' bus service right to the front entrance of the Cadell Training Centre, a good number of times. I got in the habit of sitting in the front seat because I had a bad experience in the back seat early on.... Continue Reading →

House Keeping

Over the next couple of weeks bringingjustice2020 site will be experiencing some incremental changes. This is because we want to focus on the case and the journey of Derek Bromley and all the topic raises in the context of the Australian Criminal Justice System and the experience of first nations peoples in Australia. In order... Continue Reading →

Derek Bromley Update 15 October 2020

Still incarcerated In the last few weeks media attention and articles have noted the fact that Derek Bromley remains incarcerated and continues to maintain his innocence for the 37th year. The consensus is that he is the longest serving indigenous inmate in any prison in Australia. Adding to those already listed, Episode 5 of the... Continue Reading →

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