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Bromley Update #4: 16 November 2020

In my opinion, professional duty has been abnegated and these are continuing duties that reside in the present, not only the past. This can never be put right without a proper, independent and broad inquiry taking place.

Long Journey back from an UNFair Trial

I am not certain if he was made to walk down the cobbled pathway that led to the gallows each time a new date for his execution was scheduled and stayed. The possibility though, accents the terror of justice delayed . . .

Derek Bromley Update 15 October 2020

In the last few weeks media attention and articles have noted the fact that Derek Bromley remains incarcerated and continues to maintain his innocence for the 37th year. The consensus is that he is the longest serving indigenous inmate in any prison in Australia. Adding to those already listed, Episode 5 of the current series…

Bromley Update 28 September 2020

Derek’s situation continues to cause community and political disquiet while he awaits the filing of his High Court application for Special Leave to appeal

Blood and Treasure #2

. . . Blood and treasure #1 The point of these posts is not to induce guilt, blame and shame. ‘It’ = the elephant in the room. ‘It’ is sitting in the corner of the continent, concealing under its rump, a story; squishing the life out of an available history, a truth, an opportunity for…

The Bromley Conviction #2

This post includes identification evidence presented at the Bromley trial and an early morning taxi ride in search of a drink.

Who is, ‘the dapper one’?

The Bromley Conviction #1

This the first in a series of posts about the trial and conviction of Derek Bromley, ‘A chill morning. . . the slender blade of his oar brushed passed a bloated body floating in the ‘river of mystery and murder’.

Blood and Treasure #1

This is the introduction to series of reflective posts aimed at encouraging a process of self-education for non-indigenous people to whom Black Lives Matter – preparing to be part of the voice and practical change, when you’re not sure how to start.

Message in a Bottle

Thirty years after the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, what’s required in essence is for the political and cultural mainstream to start closing the gap between its own rhetoric and its lingering colonial intentions.”